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We fired…

Crowded House’s 1987 song is an all-time classic.

There’s something wrong with Britain, perhaps there always has been. What else can explain Crowded House’s ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over” only reaching number 27 on the music chart? Even the Americans got it to number two in their singles chart.

Perhaps us Brits are latecomers. Or we’re too cool. Or not cool enough. Maybe songwriter Neil Finn’s masterpiece was released at the wrong moment. A cursory glance at the UK bestsellers of 1987 finds some greats by Pet Shop Boys, Whitney Huston and George Michael rubbing shoulders with Mel & Kim and Starship. …

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The concept of a day when we are free from the restrictions of the past year-or-so is moot when the virus has other ideas.

I’m just back from another visit to the land of my birth, the United Kingdom. Or the not-so-united-kingdom as it should surely be called now. But that is for another article on another day.

It’s been well-publicised, not least by the UK government, that the country has one of the best covid-vaccine rollouts in the world. According to the latest figures over 38% of the population has been fully vaccinated. Which is way above the 5.5% of the world population.

The UK also broke records with its amount of covid infections, and, even more unfortunately, deaths. …

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Time to start investing?

It’s toward the end of April and its a relatively sunny, warmish day. Which is one of the first this spring. Except for a unseasonal blip of a couple of hot days a few weeks ago, the European spring has been, frankly, freezing. Here in the Netherlands, it snowed last weekend.

And to double-down, besides the unseasonal crappy weather being a bit grim, particularly at the back end of a long dark locked-down winter, the cold is affecting wine production. Badly.

According to the National Federation of Agricultural Holders’ Unions (FNSEA)–the French wine growers’ association–secretary general Jérôme Despey, at least…

Does it work?

There’s a whole heap been written, particularly on these earnest pages, about Hemingway’s missive

Although in truth, as is often the case in many of these situations, the quote most likely didn’t even come from the great fisherman himself. As Writer’s Digest points out, “Hemingway didn’t speak those precise words — he actually advised sobriety in the writing process.”

It’s really simple.

We all know the feeling, right? You’ve spent another day reading blogs and posts about productivity without actually getting anything done. Daylight fades on yet another untouched to-do list, and your carefully-scheduled calendar lies in tatters.

I was there. Sitting at my desk, sunlight forming a perfect rhombus on the rug, and too many open tabs and empty coffee cups in front of me. Fast asleep in the sunshine was my dog.

Since the internet became a thing there’s been a huge growth in tips on improving productivity, managing time and finding ways to use emerging technology to make money…

The first one hundred days have been really something…

On the first day of March this year, I was sitting on a Eurostar train watching the cold but sunny French countryside speed past the window. The carriage, in these pandemic times, was virtually empty and the journey was proving to be calmer and more relaxed than usual. Which was a relief after the month that I’d just had.

I read my book. Had a nap. Listened to music. Texted my friends and family in Amsterdam that I was on the way home. I got a coffee from the buffet car and removed my mask to sip it. …

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